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Cinema 4D
Installation / Cloud Manager

Some really useful tips!

I cannot submit my job from the Cinema 4D Plugin

My job is on error state, what to do?

When I login to the cloud manager there is no window showing up to install the plugin.

Render with the Take system

My project is on Caching project folder?

Render with X-particles XPCache

I'm getting an error for absolute paths

Animated textures

How to render a single image with Tile rendering.

GI Rendering with Standard or Pysical renderer?

How to render Octane render passes

What version of Octane are you using?

What version of Redshift are you using?

Octane output not the same as on my local workstation

What version of Arnold are you using?

What version of Thea Renderer are you using?

How to use Turbulence FD on the farm?

Higher costs than calculated

What version do you support for my third party plugin?

Custom Pool

Custom Plugin Version

How does the custom plugin feature work?

Drop & Render made a very unique system when it comes to working with Third Party Plugins. On our farm we have all versions of the plugins we support.

Here is how it works!

When you click the check scene button in our plugin, we will go over your scene and check all active third party plugins. After that we check what version you are using. All this happens in the background, meaning that you don't have to do anything.

For example:
You are working with Redshift as your render engine and X-Particles for your particles simulations. Our plugin will detect your versions and use this to create environment variables on our farm. When you submit the job it will load your plugin versions. This way we eliminate version differences, making sure your renders will come out like you created them.

We always have the latest releases ready, but you can always contact us to make sure.

Nothing happens when I click submit

Video Tutorials

Pro Series - Complete

Everything you need to know to become an expert with our tools!

Pro Series - Render Priorties

Have full control over your deadline

Pro Series - Custom Slice Number

Use a custom slice number, this can really safe a lot of time and money

Pro Series - Archived Images

Download your frames anywhere

Pro Series - Account Manager

Add multiple users to your studio account and intergrade Drop & Render in your company workflow

Pro Series - Frame List

Render specific frames and requeue slices

Pro Series - Sync folder

Speed up your upload times

Cloud manager guide

How to install and use the cloud manager